0% Interest Loans

Verifying Islamic MFIs is not enough. Most, if not all of them, only provide Islamic microfinance on a subset of their loans — not on all loans.

Therefore, above and beyond verifying Partners, you need to check on a loan by loan basis to see which ones are 0% interest.

A sample 0% loan is listed here. You can see under “Additional Information about this loan,” it mentions that “RI-Iraq charges 0% interest on this loan.”

Check your loans; don’t just assume. Alternatively, you can use this RSS feed, which automatically searches verified Islamic MFIs for 0% loans. (It’s also the orange icon in the right-hand sidebar.)

May Allah help our brothers and sisters in need, here and overseas (ameen).


2 Responses to 0% Interest Loans

  1. Hadi Masoud says:

    Can’t you filter the loans on kivamulsims to just 0% interest loans? Or make a special page for zero interest loans

    • ashes999 says:

      @Hadi we can’t easily filter them out, because that information is only available in the main text of the loan, and the main text of the loan is not available through the RSS feed. This is the only scaleable solution so far.

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