Non-Islamic: MLO Humo and Partners

I contacted MLO Humo and Partners, a partner based in Tajikistan, a country which Wikipedia claims is 98% Muslim, with Islam as the official religion. But subhanallah, they don’t have Islamic microfinance:

From: Mavsuda Vaisova

Dear Ashiq,

We have no such loans and loans without interest rates.
All information about our organization is available on our web site-http://=
Thank you for interest!


From: Ashiq
[…] I’m a Kiva member looking to lend some money to some of your borrowers in Tajikistan. I wanted to ask if you provide loans that are islamically-compatible, including things like you don’t charge interest. […]

It’s an unfortunate reality of our ummah. Even Muslim banks in Muslim countries charge interest on their loans! There’s nothing for us to do but take note and move on inshaAllah.

As a result, verified non-Islamic field partners will also be listed on our page. (This way, when a new field partner emerges, we know that we haven’t talked to them yet.)

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